Marie Antoinette (2006)

A film with virtually no tension and a lavish set. Marie Antoinette's true life story beginning when she leaves her native Austria as a teen through to her departure from Versailles is told in this third in a trilogy of films about aimless, trapped, and strong women by Sofia Coppola. 

The film is very artistic in its interpretation - with lush colours, fashion, and rock and roll soundtrack. If it weren't for this element, the film would have almost no merit (I can read M.A.'s bio quicker on wikipedia!).

The acting is teenage movie quality. The dialogue is very weak and presumably an effort by Coppola to make the queen more human - instead, she becomes more dull. Finally, as it drifts on from anti-climax to anti-climax, you realize that you're only half way through the 2-hour film. With no tension to keep the viewer engaged, the film is a flop.

Truth: When one is bound by duty, one must fight to retain passion.

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