Atonement (2007)

This is a majestic love story set against impossibility and memory. It stands far above other films in its genre.

A couple unites briefly and passionately out of class division in 1930's Britain. A lie and war subsequently and tragically separate the two.

As the film is based on a novel, it is structured as such and brings out a major theme that we see in recent novels: memory and it's own version of events. Atonement becomes a dreamlike walk through some events that are partly shaped by a young girl's perception. The dream is accentuated by flowing camera work and a unique soundtrack that incorporates much of the sounds in the film, especially the click of the typewriter, implying that the story is being written as we watch it.

The other events are implied deeply by the players attitudes, expressions and interactions - and are they ever done well! James McAvoy stands tall in a variety of circumstances.

Truth: There is little we can do to atone for our sins except confess with a contrite heart as the hurt inflicted can run very deep with lasting consequences.

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