The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

I didn't expect to be moved by such an old film that wouldn't be able to support a sci-fi flick with good enough visual effects. I was actually blown away by how much I enjoyed it against my low expectations. I had to watch it because the new 2008 one was in the mail.

A space craft lands in Washington DC. A humanoid alien emerges with a companion giant robot whose eyes can make weapons disappear. The robot is also indestructible. The alien wishes to meet with world leaders from every nation to discuss impending doom. Unfortunately, the world leaders have more important things to do.

Science fiction usually carry some moral weight upon its shoulders. In this case, the impending doom is that because earth has created nuclear weapons and because we continue to be violent with each other, we will ultimately destroy ourselves and our lovely planet.

Another important message in the film is to give voice to children and, women and science who have been traditionally marginalized in issues of war (men, passion/ideology and violence are usually too loud). This was the most impressive aspect of the film for me.

One hilarious part:
Dr. 1: He (the alien) made me feel like a 3rd class witch doctor.
Dr. 2: Have you got a light?

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