The Wendell Baker Story (2005)

A Wilson brothers production. So, expect sensitive, expect dry.

Everyone loves Wendell Baker because he has a plan, a vision. The problem is he's just a little naïve about success, the fact that it has to be worked for. He's cured after spending some time in the slammer for producing custom made work visas for Mexicans. His dream now is to become a hotel manager and to win back his girl.

The story has plenty of twists and turns. It has frequent laughs too, though some of them are groaners. The ending is a bit fairytailish, but its a feel good movie where the bad guys get what they deserve and the hardworking, thoughtful hunk gets his just desserts too. Find it in your local big box store bargain bin for $2.

Truth: How we treat people is the most important thing.

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