Gran Torino (2008)

There is very little of Clint Eastwood's films that I dislike. He consistently delivers human drama and tension that can be understood and empathized with.

Gran Torino tells the tale of Walt - a Vietnam vet with a racist streak and little tolerance for the aires that people put on. Walt becomes entangled with his Asian neighbours after his wife passes away. The end result is one of transformation and love. Can you tell I don't want to give away the plot?

I discussed this film at great length with my pastor before he preached a sermon about the film. You can watch/listen to the sermon here. We can see tremendous parallels between Gran Torino's and the transformation that the Gospel proclaims. There is also little room for pretending in the film which speaks volumes about truth. I was struck particularly by the action of grace at the end and analyzed how I accept/live the grace so tentatively even after understanding at what great cost it was given so lovingly to me.

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