Feast of Love (2007)

I didn't go into this one with any expectations, hoping to be surprised. I was musing during the first hour of the film that it would be getting a mere 5/10 stars, but it got a little momentum and gained two stars before the credits rolled.

The topic, as suggested by the title, is love in its various forms. God even got a nod in this film - an irregularity - and his love is expressed by giving strength to humans to love. We get parental love and friendship love. Sexual love got a little more time than the other loves though.

There was a lot of gratuitous nudity for some reason and at the same time, there wasn't a lot of inner transformation - the characters started one way and ended in a very similar vein. What does that say about this film? Skin deep?

The drama often superseded the characters, so while we expected some depth, we just got some twists and turns. There were a couple touching moments, but they probably worked better in the book.

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