Ta'm e guilass (1997)

This is a very slow and reflective film about the purpose of life. It brings a unique perspective to western viewers as it comes from Iran.

Taste of Cherry is shot in the wilderness outskirts of Teheran where a man is driving around in a Range Rover trying to find someone to help him in his suicide project. Everyone is reluctant to help him, though he tries to hire a Kurdish soldier, an Afghan cleric, and finally a Turkish natural history museum worker. The each present their argument to remain living: the state/government, Islam, and nature.

The acting is intriguing because there is very little emotion until the Turk comes on scene. The man wishing to die does not explain why he wishes such, but he maintains a strong resolve throughout the telling of his story.

There is a mysterious postlude to the film shot on on videotape and placed after the close of the film and before the rolling of the credits. I read different interpretations as to its purpose, and I can see it's usefulness, but it served as a distraction to me more than anything at the time.


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