Casanova (2005)

This is a fun film, but without the antics of Oliver Platt's character and some good one-liners it would be quite forgettable. It is typical of the genre as it set in the 18th century and Venice so it uses a maximum of costuming techniques and way too much classical music.

Giacomo Casanova ravishes countless women and then discovers that he is capable of loving just one - the one that is hardest to get. The woman in question is of course smarter than all the men and tremendously beautiful, though (surprise, surprise) not quite available (enter Platt). The Catholic church is one of the antagonists as Casanova should hang for his licentious behaviour.

The film has fun with itself, lightly poking fun at itself throughout. Maybe I'm being hard on it, but I didn't sense the chemistry and romance I expected.

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