The Informant! (2009)

Steven Soderbergh dishes out an entertaining view of the midwest with the true story of an FBI informant who turns rogue.

Mark Whitacre knows that his massive corporation is price fixing, so he turns to the Bureau to do what is right. What follows is an incredible 2 year operation with the FBI where Mark collects evidence. Ultimately, Mark's character makes the film. Matt Damon delivers him as no one special, just an enigmatic Dudley Do Right with a big problem: lying.

The film is stylized to bring us back to the early 90's (and in the midwest, it still looked like the 80's). Between scenes, Damon's character narrates the film with some insights into how he would spend money or what he finds interesting on TV or what he thinks is remarkable trivia. This gives us a sense as to what the American Dream has become.

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