Cars (2006)

I sat down to watch this with my son. It was too fast for him, so I finished it later so I could review it here.

Pixar/Disney take another shot at success by putting human traits on non-humans (as with toys, bugs, monsters, etc.), in this case, as the title declares, cars. The cars characters are predictable: cocky sports car, traditional 1950's car, sexy and smart Porsche, hillbilly rusted tow truck, aloof foreign car, trucker truck, on and on and on. There wasn't a pun that was left unsaid throughout the film and this left me groaning.

What did impress me however was the sensitivity towards one of the subject matters: the death of small town USA. We get a glimpse of what life used to be like and an explanation as to why it changed. The same thing happens today for different reasons, but the consequences are just as real, and just as hopeless.

The animation in the film is superb, as we would expect nothing less from Pixar Studios. Nuances in car face expressions, racing sequences, and the reflections on the clean fenders are incredibly executed and are the principle reason to watch it. The music is standard and less incredible (to me anyhow).

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