Brideshead Revisited (2008)

This film is based on a book that, again, must be a much better read than a cinematic experience. It is another restrained British period piece.

The opening lines of the film deliver a lot of promise that our atheist artist protagonist will undergo some transformation, but in reality he undergoes an infatuation and suffers the consequences. This young and impressionable middleclassman enters the world of the British upper crust - a very Catholic family living at Brideshead, a posh palace. There he is enchanted by the homosexual son and then by the lovely and confident daughter, but ultimately by the riches associated with the family.

The cinematography deserves some mention as it became a part of the story in the way it brought our attention to some of the small details, as a writer might describe a setting.

Because the characters are so literally detached from reality it makes it difficult to connect with them. A decent movie, but nothing to be infatuated with.

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