Miami Vice (2006)

This is a flashy view of undercover police work. I was sort of expecting the cops to be planning their stakeouts on the beach surrounded by girls in bikinis, but not so. Instead we get an emotionally charged story about work becoming personal.

Despite its intention, the film is an action movie at the core. There are gun fights, love scenes, and high speed boats. We are transported to the exotic sites of Columbia, Haiti, Cuba and Miami. The villains are ruthless and the stakes are very high. Michael Mann gives us great cinematography too.

On the level of predictability, the film does very well at keeping us guessing. Only on the issue of the fate of some characters can we fully predict the outcome. As I am not an undercover officer, I wasn't good at foretelling the next move.

Truth: It is easy to recognize the humanity in your nemesis if you get close enough.

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