The King of Kong (2007)

Certainly, when Donkey Kong emerged in arcades around the world, no one expected it to become the phenom that it was. And the possibility of a hotly contested world championship could not be predicted. This documentary takes a look at the top two Donkey Kong players and the back story of their achievements.

Twin Galaxies is an organization that tracks arcade game records. Its founder is Walter Day and he is given role of adjudicator. According to Twin Galaxies, the Donkey Kong champion is a pompous hot sauce magnate in Florida named Billy Mitchell. A regular family guy in Washington named Steve Wiebe decides to beat Billy Mitchell's record and does, following the normal protocol on Twin Galaxies' website. Twin Galaxies doesn't accept the record. A controversy is exposed.

The documentary does not begin too hopefully, but it builds into a magnificent story of triumph in the truest sense.

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