Il Posto (1961)

This black and white masterpiece comes to us from postwar Italy. The population had a responsibility to rebuild the country and bring it into the modern era. That meant menial labour, and lots of it.

The Job trails the beginning of Domenico's career. He's about 16 and can't continue his schooling because his family can't afford it. He passes a rigorous screening process at a huge company and gets an entry position as a porter. He falls head over heals for another pretty young applicant who gets hired as a secretary. This side narrative emphasizes the innocence that is on the line before the job begins.

The story really turns. At first he seems really downcast as he knows he can't continue his education (this job will help his younger brother continue). Then he's excited about getting the job as the competition stiffens. Then we see what the job really is: sitting at a desk writing accounts all day. Life is over.


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