Southland Tales (2007)

Big waste of energy. I understand what writer director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) is trying to do with this, but it's like a vomit fest that won't end.

The film is a convoluted mess of B-actors, cheesy lines, mediocre special effects, and lines from the Book of Revelation. The end of the world is nigh and what is important is promoting a porn star's new line of products - an allegory for how the world is more keen on entertainment than the really important events that are happening around us.

The plot takes us into a sci-fi world of televisions, elections, and guns in modern day Los Angeles. We are given an introduction that essentially says Big Brother is watching, something corrupt is going on, and the apocalypse is on. It's an interesting premise, but anyone who wants to spend hours dissecting the mess is crazy - there are several much better films on the subject that are worth much more consideration.

Truth: Our minds are being fed crap and are therefore too full and busy to consider reality.

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