Ringu (1998)

This is the thriller/horror flick that got The Ring franchise started. And, to give it its worthy merit, the story keeps you guessing to the end.

A journalist decides to investigate rumours surrounding the deaths of teens in her town in Japan. The circulating tale is that they watched a video tape exactly a week previous to their sudden deaths and what they saw killed them. She manages to locate the VHS tape and watches it herself making it a matter of time before her doom comes. The race is on.

What is truly refreshing about this film compared to western thrillers is the emphasis on what you don't know rather than the shock value. The elements of grotesque and cringeworthy scenes are present, but simply not the meat of the film. There is great use of showing reaction and backstory in order to heighten the tension.

I thought the unfolding story was very original and at the same time exhaustingly unbelievable.

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