Blood Diamond (2006)

It's amazing what great writing and sensational acting can do for a film. Kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly and writer Charles Levitt for bringing us compelling and true to life characters.

Though the film is an action movie at heart, it carries with it a depth and wit that doesn't leave the viewer empty handed once the credits roll. DiCaprio's not-too-conflicted Rhodesian character delivers some fabulous lines criticizing the aid workers, NGO's, and reporters. Connelly's character also brings an honesty to the adrenaline addicted reporter. Hounsou doesn't overplay his simple fisherman character either, which is refreshing; no one likes to see untrained warriors beating trained warriors all of a sudden.

The diamond trade is on trial for it's involvement in shuffling money around to cover-up the funding of civil war in Sierra Leone - and other nations. We are given a front row seat showing the kidnapping and training of boy soldiers, the brutal murders of simple villagers, and the cold and throat-cutting mining and trade of rough diamonds.

My criticsisms are few. I'm not big on the hollywood explosions. I have a constant nagging that most of the pyrotechnics in films don't look realistic and this one was no different. I also thought that there were a few too many brink moments where everyone could have died and didn't, but that's just me.

The vocal critics of this film say that it is too polemic and that it doesn't fairly portray the diamond industry which is almost completely legitimate. I really don't think critics should have to be compelled to protect a multi-billion dollar industry; all multi-billion dollar industries have great potential for crimes against humanity. This film is just one step in the right direction in efforts to keep these corporations in check.

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Amber said...

Excellent review my dear. I'm glad we ended up watching this together as it would have been a sad one to see alone:)