The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Having greatly enjoyed Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and to a slightly lesser extent The Life Aquatic, I was very excited to watch Wes Anderson's next chapter in his saga of quirky, rich, 30-somethings. The travels of three orphaned brothers through India is colourful, comedic and offers am interesting kaleidescope of dysfunction.

In typical Anderson style, the surroundings are surreal and the lines in the film dry and passionless. We are affected most by the fact that the characters seem resigned to being disaffected (until the end of course). The cinematic movements mirror his earlier films and

My one complaint, and this happened in The Life Aquatic, is that the characters have very little depth and it is difficult to empathize with them. I'm sure that a second viewing will justify giving this 9 stars instead of 8.

Truth: Life begins to have meaning when one places other people's needs ahead of his own. Someone authors our faith, we must decide who that will be.

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