For What it's Worth, Milk a Goat (2012)

I really shouldn't be reviewing my own film, so instead I'll share my sentiments on my little production. It took four years to complete from the filming in 2007-8 in Guatemala and the segments filmed in New Brunswick in summer 2009 to the logging of footage in 2010 and the final edits of spring 2011. Justin Jeffery contributed some wonderful piano music to accompany the film. Angus McLean gave me a hand with recording the narration. Danny Bourque and my father helped with the translation into French.

I submitted the 72 minute feature documentary to six festivals, but it wasn't accepted into any of them, so I premiered it myself on March 3, 2012 with friends and family. I've just released it online here.

My favourite aspect of the film is that it is very sensitive in its treatment of birth, death, and the remarkable attachment that I had with keeping goats. Several people have told me how moved they were by the burial scene because it was so raw.

I also love the one liners my 2-yr-old son delivers throughout the film, unprovoked and unrehearsed.

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